Ellen Erenberg
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Featured Art
Featured Art
mixed media
14 ¾" x 21"

More Than a Bird

Book Preview

We've all had to face the daunting question: Which way now?

The narrator of More Than a Bird takes the reader on a journey as he follows, guides and supports the search for answers.

"Ellen's writing mirrors her drawings in its poetic description."

Book Details

  • hard cover/27 pages full colour/8" x 11"/all ages
  • holds Ellen's entire portfolio of bird drawings
  • signed by the artist/author
  • $45.00/book
  • $20.00 flat rate shipping fee 1-5 books; outside St Marys and/or Stratford Ontario
  • $40.00 flat rate shipping fee 6-10 books; outside St Marys and/or Stratford Ontario
  • no charge front door delivery within St Marys and/or Stratford Ontario

To Order

  1. Send an etransfer to ellen.erenberg@sympatico.ca. Include total cost of book(s) and shipping if required
  2. Email Ellen at ellen.erenberg@sympatico.ca with your address and phone number for delivery purposes only.
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